Verification with DNS TXT Record
Verification with DNS TXT record allows for verification without changing the website. You easily verify by adding a DNS TXT record to your DNS provider settings.
  • Create a new DNS record on your DNS provider settings. (Cloudflare, AWS Route 53, etc.)
  • Select TXT for type.
  • Copy the verification text and place it in the content (could be called value) section of the DNS TXT typed record.
  • If you are verifying your root (top-level) domain you can use @ or blank for the record name. Otherwise, type the subdomain under the record name.
  • Click the verify button and that's it!
Good to know: It can take up to 48 hours for changes to affect. You may need to try again 'Verify' button after your changes. You can also verify it on the domain list page anytime.
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