What is Ddosify
Ddosify is a high-performance load testing solution. The mission of the Ddosify project is to create generic, no code and the most powerful load testing experience for developers, quality assurance engineers, and even non-technical people.
Ddosify can serve you in two different ways. These are Ddosify Engine and Ddosify Cloud.

This is the load engine of Ddosify, written in Golang. It is fully open-source and can be used on the CLI.
Check out our GitHub Page for more information and usage.

With Ddosify Cloud, anyone can test the performance of their web system against peak traffic coming from 100+ locations. It has a simple UI, insightful charts, and more features!

Ddosify Cloud
Ddosify Engine
High-performance Load Generation
High-performance Load Generation
Test Scenario Creation
Test Scenario Creation
Different Load Types
Different Load Types
Distributed Load
Single-Node Load
Test Creation From No-code UI
Test Creation From CLI & Config File
Multi Geo Location
Single Location
Insightful Test Reports
Reports on CLI
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