Final Report

Final Report shows all the information you need to analyze your load test. But before deep diving to learn how to read these data, let's talk about the states of the Final Report.


When the test is finished, it can have 3 different states.


In this state, you can be sure that Ddosify successfully executed your configuration. You will see green Finished text at the left top of the screen.


If you click the Terminate button in Live Mode. Ddosify stops the test and sets its status to Stopped.


Failed test indicates that there is something wrong happened on Ddosify side. You'll be refunded all credits you spend on this test.


If the State is either Finished or Stopped, you will see 4 panes on the Report page. These are Summary, Scenario Report, Location Report, and Stats. Let's deep dive into these and their usages.
Good to know: Charts have a zoom feature. Don't hesitate to play with it.


Just like the Live Mode reports, the Summary pane contains overall insights about the result of your test. When you see any anomaly or unintended behavior, you can start to investigate the detailed reports about it. For example, if you see a high response time for a country in the Location Stats section, which is on the bottom left of the screen, you can go to Location Report to investigate it with more detailed data.

Scenario Report

Scenario report lets you deep dive into the metrics of each step in the scenario.

Location Report

This is the place where you can learn how your system's performance in different countries.


Stats table shows you all combinations of the metrics. You can easily answer questions like which step is underperforming in which country.

Take Action

If you would like to re-run this test with the same configurations or edit some of its configurations, you can click the Configure button. You will be redirected to the Test Suite pre-filled with this test's configuration.
Good to know: Configure button opens the Test Suite in New mode. So even if the test is created from a Test Plan, your changes will not affect the related Test Plan.
Please take a look at Test Plan documentation to learn how you can edit a Test Plan and create a new test from it.