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Ddosify Load and Latency Testing API
Although you can use Ddosify Cloud Web UI to create and analyze load & latency tests, we support API integration to let you automate your tasks.
In this documentation, we'll provide detailed descriptions of each API endpoint, along with example requests and responses. We'll also include code samples in several programming languages to help you start quickly.
Additionally, we have a public Postman collection that you can use to quickly and easily test out our API endpoints. The collection includes requests and responses for each API endpoint, so you can see how the API works and test out different parameters and inputs.

Get Your API Key

You'll need your secret API Key to successfully send requests to the Ddosify endpoints. To get your API Key, go to your Account Settings page. Then copy your API Key.
It is your responsibility to store your API Key safely.
Ddosify Cloud Account Settings