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K8s Clusters

To start to monitor your Kubernetes Cluster, you need to create a new Cluster page on Ddosify platform. To achieve this, navigate to the Clusters page and click the Add Cluster button. After providing a unique name for the Cluster, you will be navigated to the Observability page, where you will see the Service Map and Metrics Dashboard for this Cluster. But before that, you have to install and run our open-source eBPF agent (Alaz) as a DaemonSet in your Kubernetes Cluster. Follow the below instructions to set up a new cluster successfully.
  1. 1.
    Click the Set Up Cluster button
  2. 2.
    A pop-up will open and show you how to install Alaz via Kubectl or Helm:
  3. 3.
    After a few seconds, Service Map and Metrics Dashboard will be ready.
Inspect Kubernetes Service Map on Ddosify Platform